Here at Nordbo we are very fond of art - and we like to share the art with both our guests and the locals.

The main works are two large granite sculptures by sculptor Jens Erik kjeldsen. One of the scuptures , Tunersuit,  stands in front of Hotel Nordbo on Vandsøvej, and  the other one, Inequnaaluup Sinnatugaa, stands at Nordbo in Centrum on Samuel Kleinschmidtsvej. Both sculptures were revealed at Nordbo's 15th anniversary in 2013.

Tunersuit  (a legendary figure from the Dorset culture) shows a musk ox with a full-size rider.

- I worked with the great rock in my studio in Aasiaat - and it was my plan that it would end with a full size musk ox. During the work I saw a rider on the musk’sback, which I took note of. I have left the backside of the stone untouched, so you can see where the figure originates, says Jens Erik Kjeldsen.

The musk ox is one of Greenland's largest animals and symbolizes the rough and vast nature. Here, man only survives if are one with nature - and therefore the subject is a natural choice for a Greenlandic sculpture. The stone for Tunersuit originates from the quarry in Aaasiat. Tunersuit refers to the man's size and abilities as native residents of the Dorset people who are frequent guests in Greenlandic folk tales. The Dorset people lived in Greenland in the period 800 before Cristian Times and until 1300.

Inequnaalup Sinnatugaa (Inequnaalik's dream) shows the old Greenlandic legend of the same name. The sculpture shows a natural white walrus with a woman and a child. This motive also originates from the stone's natural structure, says Jens Erik Kjeldsen:

- I saw a walrus that pressed to get out of the stone, but there followed a woman and a child out. A fearless child and a woman are familiar with their existence as "avannaamioq" - like a northern farmer.

The legend of Inequnaalik is, according to Jens Erik Kjeldsen, one of the best legends in the Greenlandic culture. (read a summary of the legend here).

Also our deligt of modern Greenlandic art characterizes the inside of Hotel Nordbo and Nordbo in Centrum. In the apartments there are about 300 paintings and drawings of the Greenlandic artist Michael Simonsen, who also decorated the common areas with paintings painted directly on the walls.