Baby chair
Contact the reception

Hotel Nordbo offers weekly cleaning during the stay, if extra cleaning is required, please contact the reception.

Extra bed
In most of our hotel apartments we can offer bedding for one or two people so you and your family can stay together. Ask the reception.

Follow fire instructions in the apartment. The fire department can be alerted at 113.

Doctor and ambulance
In case of emergency, an ambulance can be called on +299 344 112. The health clinic can be contacted on weekdays from 8.00 to 15.30 on telephone +299 80 11 11. Outside the opening hours phone +299 34 44 00.

The police can be contacted on telephone 70 14 48.

Freezer compartment
Contact the reception

Contact the reception

Kitchen Utensils
All apartments are equipped with most kitchen utensils and pots, but if you need larger pots for example soup, they can be borrowed at the office.

Coffee and tea
When you arrive, we offer coffee and tea in the apartment. The following days you can make it yourself in the kitchen of the apartment.

Free laundry for all guests

It is possible to use Hotel Nordbo as a temporary address, please contact the reception.

No smoking in all rooms / apartments.

Free access to several channels, some rooms / apartments with SmartTV.

Nuuk has fine drinking water and it's safe to drink tap water 

Wifi is free.