Receptionist received certificate

Nuka Damsgaard, who works at Nordbo in Nuuk, received her certificate as receptionist on Friday. This happened at Techcollege in Aalborg, where the theoretical part of her education was completed, while the practical part took place at the reception in Nuuk.

After Nuka Damsgaard had received her resignation letter, she was congratulated by her boss, Leif Aagaard, who is pleased that Nuka has chosen to continue her career at Nordbo.

- We are very pleased that Nuka is happy with his workplace and continues his good work at our reception.

- It is important for us to contribute to young people's education, so we have already employed a new receptionist trainee who started her education on April 1, says Leif Aagaard.


The Brand New Hotel Nordbo

We have just taken the first sod for 18 new apartments and reception. And as something completely new in Nordbo's concept, there will be conference facilities and a breakfast room. With this expansion, we accommodate the future needs in the Greenlandic capital, which is growing significantly in these years.

You can get an impression of the expansion from the drawings. Initially, earthworks must be made and blasting done in the underground, but in 2019 the construction will start.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Brand New Hotel Nordbo, when the construction is completed mid-2020. Welcome to the Brand New Hotel Nordbo.



Nordbo streamlines the organization

The company expects increasing demand for hotel apartments in Nuuk and begins the construction of 18 new hotel apartments in the fall

Nordbo, which has run hotel and accommodation business in Nuuk for a number of years, now simplifies the organization, so the company consists of Hotel Nordbo at Vandsøvej and Nordbo I Centrum, which will be the new name for the former Hotel Centerbo, the Hostel Illu and Nordbo Apartments.

The new and simplified organization comes after a major renovation process, where all the company's hotel apartments have been upgraded and renovated with new furniture and new carpets and windows.

Nordbo Is owned by the company's founder director Leif Aagaard and chairman of the board Allan Bo Jensen.

- Tourism and the market for overnight stays in the Greenlandic capital are undergoing rapid development. As development continues, there is a growing need for good and modern accommodation in Nuuk. Here we have a good offer for the city's many guests who today demand quality at a reasonable price, says Leif Aagaard about the reason why the company has invested a million in the renovation in the past year.

- We are looking for a very broad clientele, who counts both craftsmen, consultants and business people who stay in Nuuk for longer periods of time to work, but we also experience an increasing number of tourists who come to Nuuk to experience both the city's pulse and exciting and too many foreigners exotic culture. In addition, there is a great demand for our hostel, which is an attractive offer to schools, associations, institutions and backpackers' need for accommodation under proper and quiet conditions at a really reasonable price, says Allan Bo Jensen.

- With the last year's extensive renovation, we have consolidated the company so that we are well-prepared to meet the current needs in the market, but we also look into the future, where, among other things, the forthcoming expansion of the airport will create an even greater demand.

- Therefore, we have an expansion of Hotel Nordbo on the drawing board. In the autumn we will start the construction of 18 new hotel apartments and a breakfast room. We also build a new reception and also get meeting rooms, says Allan Bo Jensen.

The construction project must be completed by the end of 2019. After that Nordbo has a total of 70 hotel apartments.

More information:

Chairman of the Board Allan Bo Jensen, Phone +45 40 15 34 00 Mail: info@allanbojensen.gl

Nordbo supports tsunami victims

July 6, 2017

In connection with the tsunami on Saturday 17 June in North Greenland, Nordbo has donated 10,000 kroner to the victims and the affected