Greenland and the capital Nuuk are a unique experience.

The nature offers a new fantastic scenery every day and not two days are alike. Therefore there are lots of attractions and the nature and our surroundings are one of the greateste. If you are visiting Nuuk for the first time, you ought to try to visit the following attractions:

If you want to ski, Nuuk offers both an extensive ski trail in the city and the hinterland for cross country skiing and near to the airport there is a large alpine area with ski lifts and pistes of international standard.

Another thing to remember is that the most beautiful view of Nuuk is right above Centerbo. You can see the city and, at the same time the mountains Sermitsiaq (1210 meters), Lille Marlene (490 meters), Store Marlene (790 meters) and Hjortetakken (1188 meters).