Hotel Nordbo

Cozy and state-of-the-art hotel apartments where you and your family live under domestic conditions.

Hotel Nordbo offers 23 state-of-the-art apartments on Vandsøvej - close to the city center and yet away from the noise and crowds of the city. All apartments have been renovated in recent years with new furniture, new carpets and new windows.

The buildings are situated with a great view over Nuuk Center and the stadium - and right next to Nuuk Art Museum. The area invites for walks - for example around the water reservoir or down to the old town and the harbor from the colonial time.

All the apartments in Hotel Nordbo have a private bathroom / toilet and a well-equipped kitchen where you and your fellow travelers can enjoy yourself with tasteful Greenlandic food while enjoying the great view.

Most of the apartments have their own bedroom - the largest even offers living room and separate dining kitchen. Common to all the apartments is the functional, modern and tasteful interior design, which is more homely than hotel-like.

Should you stay in Nuuk for a long time, it is also good to know that Hotel Nordbo has a laundry where you can wash your clothes yourself.

1-room Apartment - Type 1

In this type 1 apartment, there is only a living room with a kitchenette built in.

Price for an apartment per day is DKK 1095,00,- Read more Book

Small 2-room Apartment - Type 2

Type 2 apartment has a separate bedroom with a double bed and a living room with a built-in kitchen.

Price for an apartment per day is DKK 1.345,00,- Read more Book

Large 2-room Apartment - Type 3

Our type 3 apartment is really well fitted with a lovely double-bedded bedroom.

Price for an apartment per day is DKK 1.545,00,- Read more Book

Large 2-room Suite - Type 4

This type 4 apartment is a suite of two rooms.

Price for an apartment per day is DKK 1.545,00,- Read more Book

Large 2½-room Apartment - Type 5

This type 5 apartment is a suite of 2½ rooms.

Price for an apartment per day is DKK 1.645,00,- Read more Book

2-room exclusive Suite - Type 6

Our apartment type 6 is a three-bedroom, exclusive suite.

Price for an apartment per day is DKK 1.895,00,- Read more Book

Accommodation in Nuuk

We have the conditions for an unforgettable experience, where accommodation in Nuuk and the city's beautiful surroundings give you an unforgettable stay in Greenland.


Nuuk is the oldest city in Greenland and was originally founded as the town of Godhåb by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede in 1728.


We provide the conditions, the city has an exciting history and unique surroundings.

We look forward seeing you in Greenland and Nuuk at Hotel Nordbo.