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Hotel Nordbo

Welcome to Nuuk's cosiest
and best accommodation

Hotel Nordbo

Overnight in Nuuk

State-of-the-art and cozy accommodation where you, and your family, live in homely conditions.
We have the following three locations / units in Nuuk:

Breakfast at Hotel Nordbo

Start your day with a nice breakfast when you stay at Hotel Nordbo.

We have just opened the doors to our breakfast restaurant.

Here you get a varied breakfast buffet with both hot and cold delicacies - including bacon, pâté and soft-boiled eggs. We also offer delicious sourdough bread, various cold cuts and cheese, breakfast products such as oatmeal, cornflakes, yogurt, fresh fruit as well as cakes, juices, milk.

Price per. person DKK 150

Experience Nuuk

Hotel Nordbo and Nordbo in Centrum are located in Nuuk, which is the capital of Greenland and the political center in Greenland's largest municipality, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq.

The city was founded as the city of Godthåb by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede in the year 1728 and is thus Greenland's oldest city.

Today, the city has almost 15.500 inhabitants, a quarter of whom are immigrants from other countries.